Daily Digest 03/22/2019

  • “The Mexican central bank, acting under authority from a recently enacted fintech law, proposed new regulations last week that would effectively ban cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. “
  • “Since February, MKR holders have agreed on three different raises of Dai’s “stability fees,” which are essentially interest rates people have to pay for borrowing Dai. First came two separate fee hikes of 0.5 percent. When those didn’t work, the community enacted an additional 2.5 percent increase. That didn’t quite stabilize Dai either, so the MakerDAO community is currently debating adding another two percent to the coin’s borrowing rate.”
  • “Currently, cash stock trades are settled over two business days, or in industry parlance, T+2 (transaction date plus two). Using the distributed ledger technology (DLT) of blockchain, the ASX confirmed that period could be condensed; others speculated it could be as little as four hours.”
  • The BIS continues to sound warnings about CBDC. Aside from the run risk, they warn that CBDC could impact monetary policy implementation by changing the demand for base money and its composition in unpredictable ways, and possibly modifying the sensitivity of the demand for money to changes in interest rates. Also, CBDC could lead to a larger central bank balance sheet, which may require it to purchase additional assets, which could interfere with key markets functioning or dry up liquidity.
  • IBM World wire – the inevitable rise of Centralized Blockchains – Daily Fintech
  • IBM World wire focuses on the cross-border payments market with enabled payment locations in 72 countries, 48 currencies and 44 banking endpoints. It supports Stellar Lumens and a USD based stablecoin – thanks to their work with Stronghold. The network will also support stablecoins issued by several of its consortium banks.
  • “In September 2018 we launched the Mobile Money Regulatory Index, an interactive tool that measures the effectiveness of mobile money regulatory frameworks. Today, we are pleased to release a paper that provides a deep analysis on the findings of the Mobile Money Regulatory Index. We examine in detail the six key facets of regulation.”
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