FinTech 04/06/2019

A Balanced Approach to Fintech Regulation and Innovation—at Home and Abroad

IMF’s DMD David Lipton: Countries facing the challenge of Fintech have legitimate concerns about competition, about the market power of technology giants, and the cyber-risks and social disruptions that may accompany rapid technological change. Many countries worry about how data is collected and used; and how IT firms are taxed. We need to ensure that our actions enable us all together to maximize the benefits of Fintech for the benefit of all our citizens.

People Are ‘Waking Up’ – 40% Drop in Dormant Wallets Fueling Bitcoin Rally
The latest surge in Bitcoin price may have been caused by increased activity across the board as the number of active wallets has risen by as much as 40-60 percent, according to the latest data and industry analysts.

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