Kiffmeister’s Fintech Daily Digest 10/27/2019

  • Ripple Expands Into Washington, DC

    Ripple has become the first major blockchain company with a dedicated global regulatory team in the US capital. Ripple also joined the Blockchain Association, and Craig Phillips, former Counselor to the Secretary at the U.S. Treasury Department, has joined Ripple’s Board of Directors.

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  • UAE Accepts Crypto Regulation, Blockchain Projects Stand to Benefit

    While countries like Turkey, Iran and Israel are in the process of investigating the advantages of blockchain technology, the UAE, along with both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is leading the charge when it comes to positive crypto and blockchain legislation. The UAE, in particular, already hosts several blockchain initiatives that stand to benefit significantly from the new regulations.

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  • UAE SCA seeks views of financial industry partners in draft crypto-asset resolution

    The United Arab Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority has drafted a resolution on regulating crypto-assets to provide greater clarity for crypto-related projects.

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  • Taxing Blockchain Forks

    This paper identifies four challenges created by cryptocurrency forks and other blockchain-based assets and provide evidence of their severity and pervasiveness. It considers three existing taxation approaches, and how they cope with the challenges above. While no option is perfect, the paper’s conclusions are that the Japan’s “calving” approach is the least burdensome, while the U.S. “treasure trove” approach is the least appropriate.

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