Kiffmeister’s Fintech Daily Digest 04/10/2020

  • This Banque de France paper documents the benefits, costs, difficulties and risks associated with potential wholesale and retail CBDC implementation. It concludes that the need for retail CBDC, which raises the thorniest issues, seems less pressing in developed economies.
  • The best way to realize the full potential of FinTech to support the SDGs is to focus on four pillars: (i) digital identity and simplified account opening and e-KYC systems, (ii) open interoperable electronic payments systems, (iii) using the infrastructure of (i) and (ii) to underpin electronic provision of government services and payments, and (iv) digital financial markets and systems to support broader access to finance and investment.
  • “The implementation of a digital dollar solution would quite likely precipitate future developments in the digital identity space, given the synergy of a dual-architecture solution.”
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