Kiffmeister’s FinTech Daily Digest (05/24/2020)

Not Even a Pandemic Can Slow Down the Biggest Tech Giants
With an abundance of cash and business lines that fit well with the COVID-19 demands, BigTechs are doubling down on acquisitions and research and development, steering clear of distracted regulators as they grow larger. Since U.S. lockdowns commenced, Apple bought a NextVR, Facebook bought Giphy, Amazon bought DataRow, Alphabet bought Pointy and AppSheet, and Microsoft bought Metaswitch Networks, Softmotive and Affirmed Networks. In Q1 2020 total research and development spending at these five big BigTechs was up 17 percent from Q1 2019. However, although the individual share prices are near or at all-time highs, they are all facing scrutiny from anti-trust authorities.

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