Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (08/22/2020)

The case for banning gold mining
Banning gold production has merits and warts. In theory, the idea makes a lot of sense. If something is indestructible, and we only want dollar amounts of it rather than ounces, why the devil are we wasting time and resources producing it? Banning gold production won’t hurt society and we don’t need more of the stuff, and we’d be getting rid of an activity that hurts the environment. As long as we can successfully shift gold mining communities to other forms of employment, then ending global gold production makes a lot of sense.

Crypto forefather David Chaum issues new digital currency
At the August 19 Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum central bank digital currency webinar, Thomas Moser from the Swiss National Bank mention a forthcoming joint paper with David Chaum, the inventor of eCash and considered to be a crypto-asset forefather. I haven’t been able to find any public information on that linkage, but it looks like it might be via Chaum’s “xx coin” project, based on the Praxxis and Elixxir platforms, and slated to launch later this year. Here’s a link to the Praxxis white paper:

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