Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (12/21/2020)

Database containing personal information of over 270,000 Ledger customers released on RaidForums

A database containing the personal information of over 270,000 Ledger customers has been published on RaidForums, a marketplace for buying, selling, and sharing hacked information. The database contains the emails, physical addresses, and phone numbers of Ledger hardware wallet buyers. The leak is the result of a data breach Ledger suffered in June and also contains the emails of over 1 million Ledger customers. 

Stability, Elasticity, and Reflexivity: A Deep Dive into Algorithmic Stablecoins

Can an algorithmic stablecoin truly achieve long-term viability? Will algorithmic stablecoins always be subject to extreme expansionary and contractionary cycles? Which vision of an algorithmic stablecoin is more compelling: a simple rebasing model or a multi-token “seigniorage” system (or something else entirely)? This article seeks to explore some of these fundamental issues, both from first principles reasoning and by drawing on some empirical data from recent months. 

Deribit users can bet on BTC reaching $100,000 via options contracts that expire on Sept. 24, 2021