Kiffmeister’s FinTech Daily Digest (05/29/2020)

Digital Dollar Project Publishes its US Central Bank Digital Currency White Paper
The Digital Dollar Project white paper calls for a tokenized US dollar that will operate alongside existing fiat currency and commercial bank money, and maintain the current two-tiered banking system. It will support a balance between individual privacy rights and necessary compliance and regulatory processes. The technological architecture will offer the flexibility to adapt configurability based on policy and economic considerations, and possibly (but not necessarily) be based on distributed ledger technology.

What Goldman Gets Wrong About Bitcoin (From Someone Who Used to Work There)
Jill Carlson argues for the need for the crypto industry to do more to quiet the noise and work harder to lift up the voices that make an honest and compelling investment and use cases for crypto-assets. She points out that the weakness of Goldman’s anti-bitcoin thesis is due primarily to the weakness of the industry around bitcoin in articulating the defining attributes and uses of this paradigm-shifting technology.

National Bank of Georgia Sets Regulatory Sandbox
The National Bank of Georgia has approved regulations on the establishment and use of a regulatory sandbox, that will allow representatives of the financial sector to test innovative services and products in real time after internal testing.

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