Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (08/09/2020)

Cryptocurrency Cards: An Unnecessary Solution That Should Be Stopped

Crypto cards have become a must-have for many crypto services. Hoping to reduce the risk of blocking transactions, companies have been looking again and again for reason why their customers should use “plastic.” But a crypto card is a placebo that does not solve the problems of either users or fintech companies — its only goal is to bring profit to payment systems and intermediaries. All cards are serviced by payment systems that create a closed consumption ecosystem; banks and processor companies pay an annual fee or transaction fees to the credit card companies and payment system operators for the possibility of issuing cards, sellers transfer to banks on average 1%–4% of the transaction amount for acquiring servicing, and various intermediaries, aggregators, API providers, etc. also collect a commission. For crypto-asset transactions the fees are higher, since the traditional financial industry regards these transactions as high-risk. 

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