Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (09/17/2020)

Digital EC Currency (DCash) Pilot Launch is Imminent

DCash, the digital version of the Eastern Caribbean dollar will soon be available. This video provides more detail. See also the DCash landing page on the EC Central Bank (ECCB) website.  

Ready for Liftoff: Avalanche Mainnet Set to Launch on September 21

Smart contract platform Avalanche will launch on September 21. Avalanche purportedly will deliver sub-second transaction finality, support the entirety of the Ethereum virtual machine and development toolkit, and enable up to millions of independent validators to participate as full, block-producing nodes. Avalanche is capable of throughput orders of magnitude greater than existing blockchain networks (4,500+ transactions/second), and security thresholds well-above the 51% standards of other networks. 

Wyoming Regulator Taps Chainalysis as State Push into Crypto Continues

Chainalysis and the Wyoming’s Division of Banking, the banking regulator responsible for the chartering and supervision of state banks, have teamed up to combat money laundering, sanctions violations, and other criminal activity that uses digital assets. Wyoming’s watchdog will leverage Chainalysis solutions to verify the state banks’ compliance with anti-money laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, know-your-customer and sanctions requirements. It will also employ Chainalysis tools to help  federal and state law enforcement agencies conduct regular transaction testing and monitoring. 

The Libra Association appoints James Emmett as Managing Director of Libra Networks

Former HSBC executive James Emmett will take on the role of managing director of Libra Networks LLC, the operating company subsidiary of the Libra Association. He has was previously CEO of HSBC Bank PLC and Europe. Before that he was chief operating officer at the bank, where he guided technology and operations. 

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