Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (20220316) updated its central bank digital currency (CBDC) database, including adding the following:

  • Kenya: Released research paper on CBDC
  • Brazil: Selected 9 partners to help develop ‘Digital Real’
  • Denmark: Commenced research on wholesale CBDC
  • Iraq , Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Yemen: Exploring CBDC
  • Zambia: Expecting to complete research on CBDC soon
  • New Zealand: Commenced Retail CBDC proof of concept
  • Taiwan: Reportedly looking to complete trials of its prototype CBDC
  • Trinidad & Tobago: Possible CBDC pilot by mid year
  • Sweden: Completed Phase 2 Proof of Concept of e-Krona
  • Russia: Successfully completed first digital ruble transfer between individuals (Pilot Phase)
  • Rwanda: Planning to complete it CBDC research by end of 2022

Ghana Proposes Hardware Wallets To Support New Digital Currency

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) outlined the key design aspects of its retail CBDC plans. With inclusiveness being a major motivation, it will attempt to bring the eCedi to citizens without a bank account, or even internet access. In conjunction with G+D, the BoG is proposing two types of wallets; hosted wallets managed by financial institutions that require internet access, and hardware stored-value wallets that work in offline mode. [Read more]

Bank of Canada and MIT announce joint CBDC collaboration

The Bank of Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will collaborate on a twelve-month research CBDC project. The Bank will work with the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) team to explore how advanced technologies could affect the potential design of a CBDC. The DCI is also working with the Boston Fed’s Project Hamilton. [Read more]