Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (20220421)

Exploring the “CBDCness” of the Digital Sovereign Yidindji Dollar

The Sovereign Yidindji Government has launched a digital version of their Sovereign Yidindji Dollar (SYD). The new payment system is connected to the MetaMUI self-sovereign identity system that is already in use throughout Yidindji. The government is calling the SYD a central bank digital currency (CBDC) ascertain the “CBDCness” of the SYD. But is it CBDC? [Read more]

Cryptos on the rise 2022 — a complex regulatory future emerges

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence published its updated compendium of cryptocurrency regulations by country. It offers a country-by-country overview of regulatory and legal frameworks in 70 countries, their regulatory approaches or stances on cryptos, general tax status, plus links to pertinent regulatory bodies or enacted regulations. [Download here]

Canadian’s Bitcoin Awareness, Ownership and Use: 2016–20

The Bank of Canada published a survey-based analysis of trends in Canadians’ use of cash, payments and cryptocurrencies. About 90% of Canadians have heard of Bitcoin while only 5% owned it, and most bitcoin owners are male, young, university educated, but with low financial literacy. Most buy for price appreciation, and not to make payments or for lack of trust. [Read more]

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