Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (20220629)

Taiwan completes trials of its prototype CBDC for retail use

Taiwan has completed trials of its prototype retail central bank digital currency (CBDC) in technical simulations. Taiwan started to study and test a retail CBDC in September 2020, and the central bank has engaged with at least Taiwanese five commercial banks in the proof-of-concept (POC) work. Next steps are to educate the public on purported benefits, draw up regulations and put in place a sound legal framework, before proceeding to a public pilot. [Read more]

Recent Technological Advances in Financial Market Infrastructure in ASEAN+3

This Asian Development Bank (ADB) report ascertains the current status of technology adoption, including wholesale CBDC applications, by its Cross-Border Settlement Infrastructure Forum member organizations. They include central securities depositories and central banks in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) plus the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (collectively known as ASEAN+3) region. [Read more]

Central bank provider SICPA to create CBDC venture with INX

“INX, the inter-dealer broker and digital asset trading platform, is planning a joint venture with central bank provider SICPA to develop a CBDC offering. While SICPA is best known for its secure inks that have been used on Euro notes, it also has extensive digital capabilities. The CBDC offering will be based on blockchain and aims to expand interoperability between different stakeholders across borders.” [Read more]

Upcoming events I’m affiliated with:

I’ll be joining the World Bank’s Harish Natarajan to discuss the historical and modern lessons that are shaping the future of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on Session #6 of the FNA’s CBDC Broadcast on June 30 at 09:00 EST. [Register here]

The CBDC Think Tank, in partnership with the International Monetary Fund and George Washington University, is hosting a full-day in-person CBDC Masterclass on October 12 in Washington DC. The sessions are designed as instructional deep dives with full presentations and Q&A components.  [Register here]