Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (09/02/2021)*

BIS Innovation Hub and central banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa will test CBDCs for international settlements

The Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub (BISIH), the Reserve Bank of Australia, Bank Negara Malaysia, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and South African Reserve Bank will join forces to test the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for international settlements. Led by the BISIH’s Singapore Centre, Project Dunbar aims to develop prototype shared platforms for cross-border transactions using multiple CBDCs. These multi-CBDC platforms will allow financial institutions to transact directly with each other in the digital currencies issued by participating central banks, eliminating the need for intermediaries and cutting the time and cost of transactions. The project will work with multiple partners to develop technical prototypes on different distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms. 

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