Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (09/12/2021)

I’ve updated my tabulation of retail central bank digital currency (#CBDC) explorers to include Guatemala and Honduras on the “unconfirmed” list. I now count/name 60 central banks. According to the end-2020 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey, 56 of the 65 central banks they surveyed are doing some kind of CBDC exploration, although that number includes wholesale CBDC experiments, plus they count every country separately, whereas I lump currency zones countries together (e.g., they count France, Germany, etc., separately, whereas I lump them and other Eurozone countries together). 

Also, a February 2021 survey of International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission chiefs suggested that CBDC are being closely analyzed, piloted, or likely to be issued in 111 member countries, although I believe that also includes wholesale CBDC and multiple counts currency zone countries. 

Another reason why my count might be lower is that I actually list the countries, whereas the BIS and IMF don’t. And I only list countries who’s CBDC explorations I can confirm based on publicly-available information, ideally from the relevant central bank websites. 

September 28-30 CordaCon Conference

At the September 28-30 @inside_r3 #CordaCon2021, I’ll be providing an overview of recent retail #CBDC developments. You can register for the event here:

October 4-6 CBDC Conference

On October 4 I’ll be providing an overview of international work on retail CBDC and evolving thinking on motivations, system design and safeguards at The CBDC Conference. You can register for this and the full three-day (October 4-6) event here:

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