Kiffmeister’s #Fintech Daily Digest (12/20/2020)

FTX Seeks to Launch Coinbase Futures Market Ahead of Public Listing

Crypto-asset exchange FTX is working with CM-Equity on a pre-listing futures market for the Coinbase initial public offering (IPO). FTX first partnered with CM-Equity when launching its tokenized stock spot and futures markets in October 2020. FTX also launched a pre-IPO market for Airbnb the day before the firm’s December 10 stock trading debut. However, FTX prohibits U.S.-based traders from accessing Coinbase futures.

Flare Network Has Worked Out How Much Free Crypto it Will Give to XRP Holders

Flare Networks has determined how many free Spark (FLR) tokens it shall issue to XRP holders that held funds in the cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets that participated in its airdrop in early December 2020.